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We create custom AR filter for your brand. Discover a new interactive way to promote your product on Social Media such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

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Face Filters

Face filters are without a doubt the most popular filters on Instagram. The great classic is a random roll over the head. We see ourselves electing his favorite food, his favorite star, his character Walt-Disney, etc..

In short, the technique is limitless and you can obviously imagine something more complex for your brand. Your Instagram filter creation agency Filtre Experience will advise you and guide you towards strategic choices for your brand. We will be happy to share our long list of ideas with you depending on the sector you are in.

An idea?

View a product

Visualizing a product like IKEA does with its IKEA PLACE is now within reach of everyone! Now you can do the same with an Instagram filter or AR web experience.
Go straight to the point and make your product appear in your followers' living room! Today, it's proven that purchase conversion rates skyrocket when your followers can see your product virtually in front of them in real size. In addition, a 3D configurator allows the user to choose the product color, material or any other modifiable parameter on your product!
You would like to model all your products? Your filter design agency can do it for you! Receive a free quote within the hour.

An idea?

Bring an image to life

With an image tracker, it is possible to bring any image to life on any medium. For example, an illustration scanned on a t-shirt can bring out a character. This one could dance next to you... Moreover, this technique can also be used to transform a static image such as a poster, an advertisement, an album cover,... into a completely interactive video! The possibilities are endless. Bring a package or any other image to life by creating a dedicated Instagram filter, your filter creation agency Filtre Experience guides you!

An idea?

AR Portal

The AR portal is mainly used to introduce a new 360 degree space such as a virtual store, a new boutique or an art gallery.
So, thanks to the portal, your audience will be instantly transported to another world via a virtual door that will appear in front of them.
In fact, the virtual room can be a 360° photo or video, a 3D design, ...
Therefore, AR portals have one foot in the world of virtual reality and the other in augmented reality. Access the power of VR via an Instagram filter.
Create your first portal with your filter design agency Filter Experience and receive a quote within the hour.

An idea?

Mini Games

Using the Instagram filter as a sweepstakes is one of the most powerful ways to attract a large and diverse audience. Hold a drawing to announce a grand prize winner and their prize. Let your audience share their score and challenge their friends, the snowball effect will take care of the rest... Buzz guaranteed!
Few brands in Europe have launched this concept of contest or hashtag with a viral interactive game via Instagram filters, be the first...
Filtre experience, your Instagram filter creation agency, creates your Instagram games to share in story.

An idea?

more time spent

on Instagram profile following a story view.


of young audience

attracted to the Instagram profile via filters


more conversions 

after seeing an augmented reality product display.

Instagram filter creation agency

Filter Experience, an Instagram filter agency, has been creating filters for Facebook Ads, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok for several years. Instagram is growing very fast thanks to stories, swipe-ups, reels, IGTV and mostly filters.
Creating and sharing Instagram filters is a key choice to directly target the largest community of users, across all generations. Filtre Experience, your Instagram filter creation agency will work with you from A to Z to create your custom filters that reflect your brand.

Engage your community

Marketing is evolving and becoming interactive. Introduce your users to innovative experiences with challenges and mini-games.

Develop your brand awareness

Don't miss the wave of this new media, stand out from your competitors and make the buzz with an innovative Instagram filter.

Increase your sales

Introduce a product in an Instagram filter and increase your purchase conversions by 30% to 90%. Try a product in a filter or use drive to store.


Your filter in 4 steps



We agree on an innovative idea with you

2D and 3D design

We create the necessary assets for you


We develop all interactions for you


We publish it on your profile or client profile


Hello! See you soon by email! 😊


We will get back to you within the hour!


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Previously, an Instagram filter was the name for a layer of color added to a photo. With the evolution of Instagram, the appearance of Instagram stories and augmented reality, the term instagram filter now refers to an augmented reality experience. This experience launches from Instagram. When a filter is published on an Instagram branded account, the filter is accessible by everyone and for an unlimited time. It is also possible to choose a launch date and an end date.
Filter Experience, your custom filter creation agency. Request a quote within the hour.

According to our figures the conversion into purchase of products or services via filters in Europe works much better on the Instagram platform. This is due to the high number of users and its varied average age. Indeed, it is mainly Instagram that is used in our country. That's why we specialize in creating custom Instagram filters for your brand. Ask for a price estimate for an Instagram filter.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are often confused.
Firstly, virtual reality transports us to another world thanks to a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Quest. In VR we are totally isolated from the real world. But with augmented reality, we bring external elements to our reality via our smartphones and Instagram filters in particular. The future of augmented reality is bright! The use of AR glasses in everyday life is imminent. Facebook and Apple are preparing their AR glasses! A big change is coming for augmented reality in 2021 according to Facebook Spark AR.
Filter Experience, helps and directs you for a new Social Media campaign.

Soon, with the appearance of augmented reality glasses by Facebook, a disruption of our way of life awaits us. According to Facebook, the race is on and Apple will also launch theirs. The challenge is to succeed in bringing together all the electronic components in a model of eyewear barely larger than a normal pair. Also, the weight must be non restrictive. For example, we can easily imagine how much more practical navigation on two wheels will be with a pair of glasses that will tell us directly which street to take. The cases of use are innumerable.

There are several choices: social network oriented filters, a webpage oriented speed and simplicity or a performance oriented app.
First, if you want a quick and simple experience to reach as many users as possible, then an Instagram filter is the perfect choice.
Secondly, however, it is possible to not depend on social network applications like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or TikTok. Indeed, you can publish an augmented reality experience on a web page. In fact, libraries such as AR.js or 8thwall allow us to do that.
Third, if you want a more complete experience and the time spent by a user exceeds one minute, then an AR application made for example on Unity with AR Foundation will better fit your needs. These kinds of applications require more time and resources. However, the results are often much more realistic for World Tracking. Pokemon Go was one of the first augmented reality app known by the general public. Filtre Experience can help you create your filters, web experience and AR app. Contact us for an immediate quote. 

The price of an Instagram filter will obviously depend on the complexity of it, the number of 2D or 3D elements to create for the filter as well as the complexity of the interactions. Thus, the price can vary from a simple filter at 900€ to 10 000€ for the most ambitious campaigns like the one of Fanta or Puma.

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