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Filter Experience creates innovative augmented reality campaigns through Instagram filters for you and your customers. Instagram filters are a great way to boost your social media marketing.

Filter creation agency in Brussels

What is an Instagram filter?

An Instagram filter is now much more than a color filter on a photo. From now on, it's a reality experience that launches in the Instagram app by creating a story.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is often confused with virtual reality. Virtual reality requires a VR headset while augmented reality is mainly used with the camera of our smartphone. There are several platforms to share an augmented reality experience. There are the social networks of course like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and TikTok that make augmented reality filters very popular. Then, it is also possible to publish and share an augmented reality experience on a web page. We also offer this service. Finally, it is possible to make an app available on the App Store and Play Store but this platform is for much larger projects.

Why use augmented reality in an Instagram filter?

Technologies are advancing at an unprecedented rate. The digital divide is bringing us its share of novelties. Augmented reality is one of the technologies that will change our life habits. Today, social networks are introducing augmented reality in a playful and fun way. It's very innovative for the moment and few brands in Belgium have seized this new means of communication. It's a perfect new track to explore for a Social Media Marketing campaign.

Social network filters, for whom?

As this technology is innovative, each company, project, artist or agency can have its own Instagram filter. Indeed, it is not necessary to belong to a particular sector to have impact with a filter. This technology is fun and innovative and can address any brand as well as any type of user. In fact, the end users will be of all ages. Of course, it will be necessary to choose wisely the social network for the publication of the filter. This will influence the audience reached by this filter. We recommend the Instagram platform which reaches a very wide range of people in Europe.

What type of filters to choose?

First of all, there are several types of filters. Face Filters are the best known and most widespread. These will allow us to simply play with questions and answers like the famous random roulette, which we offer at 800€HT. This technique engages your audience in an original way towards your Instagram account and thus attracts more followers.

To go further, so-called "world" filters will allow various elements to appear through the rear camera of the smartphone. For example, this type of filter can make a mascot or a 3D character appear and dance in front of the user.

Another interesting type of filter is the "Image Scanner" or "Image Tracker". With this type of filter, the user will be able, by scanning for example a phone box or a shoe box, to see the product appear in 3D coming out of the box with various animations. Wow effect guaranteed! The effects applied on packaging also use this technique.

Then there are the virtual showrooms. This type of filter immerses us in a virtual room. This room can be a virtual store, an art gallery or exhibition or any other space that can be represented in 3D.

Filtre Experience will be happy to guide you in choosing the type of filter that would be best for you or your client. We offer you a free quote within the hour if you contact us by email at


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