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Filtre Experience delivers Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok filters to brands and digital marketing and communication agencies. Filtre Instagram serves the whole of Luxembourg.

Creation of Instagram filters in Luxembourg

Filtre Experience is an Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and TikTok filter design agency serving Luxembourg.

Instagram filters, the new way to communicate

It is now possible to use Instagram filters as a means of communication. Indeed, recently brands have been invading the Instagram filter market. The brand in question will publish the filter on its Instagram account. The filters are public and accessible to all. Moreover, there is no time limit, the filters remain online once published. With an official filter published on a brand's account, you attract more followers to the Instagram profile.

The luxury brands have quickly seized this technique, we can mention: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Adidas, etc.. This service is becoming more and more popular and communication or digital marketing agencies are starting to offer it to their various clients.

What are the benefits of having your own Instagram filter?

First, you'll engage your community. In fact, you'll attract more people with a new, innovative and fun image by posting an original Instagram filter. Marketing is constantly evolving and is now becoming interactive. It's time to surprise your audience!

Secondly, you will develop your notoriety as a brand. Indeed, it is essential to stand out from your competitors at the moment. With the introduction of augmented reality through Instagram filters, it's the perfect time.

Thirdly, it will increase your conversion rate and therefore your sales. At the moment, users have a bad view of ads on social networks. Therefore, ads do not lead to a high conversion rate. However, using filters as a means of communication is a very powerful technique. Indeed, users do not see filters as advertising, but rather as an attractive game. It is therefore a perfect technique for a social media marketing campaign.

Facebook Ads filters

In addition to Instagram, a brand can publish a filter on the Facebook network. The advantage here is to be able to use and boost a Facebook Ads.
Indeed, one can link a filter with a Facebook Ads. In this way, you will reach people who use Facebook more to Instagram. In addition to reaching a new audience, it is possible to redirect the user to a web page, and this during the augmented reality experience through the filter. Unfortunately it is not possible to redirect the user to a web page during the experience in the Instagram network. However, it is possible on the Facebook side with this technique. This option will work perfectly with a filter announcing an event for example. The user can be sent directly to the web page of the event to have more information.

Why are we talking about augmented reality?

Augmented reality is often confused with virtual reality. But they are quite different. To summarize, virtual reality is used with a helmet and transports us into another world. On the other hand, augmented reality will make different elements appear around us, in our space. We see these new elements around us through the camera of our smartphone. These elements can be snow, a 3D character, a pair of virtual shoes, etc.. So we talk about augmented reality in the filters because we can make elements appear around our face as well as on a table, a floor, ... Instagram filters therefore introduce in a playful way the broader concept that is augmented reality.

Filtre Experience is an agency specialized in the creation of augmented reality experiences through filters on social networks.
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