How much does an Instagram filter cost?

All about the creation rates and pricing of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok filters.

How much does an Instagram filter cost?

The entry price for an Instagram filter is $800.

A 2D Instagram filter includes illustrations, logos, images, animations.
Several 2D realizations will be necessary for the adaptation of logos or other element to interact according to the concept of the filter decided with you.
The entry price of a 2D Instagram filter is  $1000.

A 3D Instagram filter includes 3D models, 3D characters, 3D animations.
Several 3D modelling and optimizations will be necessary to model your logo, your product, your brand character or any other 3D representations.
The entry price of an Instagram 3D filter is $2000.

The price of Snapchat, Facebook Ads and TikTok filters are identical to Instagram filters.

Random Response Game


garanti en ligne à vie

  • Classic
  • You provide assets
  • Fixed Price
2D filter


guaranteed online for life

  • Custom
  • 2D work on Photoshop
  • Starts from $1500
3D filter


guaranteed online for life

  • Custom
  • 3D work on Blender
  • Starts from $2000
Random Response Game

Instragram filters have undoubtedly made a name for themselves with face filters.
The random or surprise roller is probably the most common filter. This type of filter scrolls different results over the face. After a few seconds, the user is given a result. This one can be his favorite food, his favorite characters, his quotes, etc.. The possibilities are endless.

We can accompany this draw with different 2D or 3D decorations that will increase the notoriety of the filter. Indeed, each brand or each project can have its dedicated filter with creative elements highlighting the brand.
Don't hesitate, it's the right time. Being an expert in filter creation, we have no technical limits and we will share our best ideas with you.

$1000 $1500

Instagram filter price: 
Callout products or custom filter

Callout product: the price of the random response Instagram filter is $1000.
We're offering the most well-known, most widely used and most fun type of filter to introduce your brand to the Instagram filter scene at the unbeatable price of $1000.
So you can think about which elements you want to see scrolling over your audience and one of these elements will be assigned to them automatically after the story is saved. This technique has been proven to greatly increase the chances of the filter being shared and therefore increase the popularity and awareness of your brand.

Custom filters, whether 2D or 3D, are designed and created with you and for you, respecting your brand's image and message.
We will decide together on a filter concept that is the most original and representative of your brand or the idea you want to express. We will also advise you on the type of platform to choose according to the type of audience you want to target (Facebook Ads, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, web page, ...).
Our team, having a very technical approach on the latest filter innovations, will propose you the most adapted and innovative solution to amaze all your audience and leave your competitors far behind...


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