Instagram AR filter, why, how and how much? Everything you need to know about Instagram filters!

  • What is an Instagram AR filter? 
  • How to create an Instagram AR filter?
  • Why create an Instagram AR filter?
  • Where to find Instagram AR filters?

Instagram filters, the ones that make the buzz in Europe!

As a brand, having a filter on Instagram is becoming a must. Indeed, the biggest brands such as Gucci, Versace or L'Oreal were precursors for the creation of Instagram filters. Instagram filters allow to present a product in an interactive and completely innovative way. Unlike Social Ads, Instagram filters are not perceived as advertising but rather as a trendy and interactive playground.
In France, few brands have their own Instagram filters.
Filtre Experience accompanies you and advises you on the creation of a custom Instagram filter tailored to your brand's image. Ask for a quick price estimate.

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Instagram AR filters for your Instagram stories: Definition

An Instagram filter is an effect that will be applied to the camera before recording a photo or video for an Instagram story. Before sharing a story, we can beautify our moment with different color effects. Beyond the colors, the world of filters coexists with augmented reality. In fact, using AR or augmented reality filters can allow us to augment our moments by making 3D elements appear around us, games, virtual beauty product fittings and much more!

Having your own instagram AR filter : Why?

Why have your own Instagram filter as a brand?
An Instagram filter can be used as a very powerful communication tool. Indeed, Instagram filters are not perceived as advertising. They are used as a game and as an augmented reality experience. This is why the biggest brands often create an Instagram filter to accompany a social media campaign. In addition, product and logo placements are allowed in the filters. For this reason, filters are used tremendously to showcase a product. If you are looking to sell a product, promoting it in a filter will increase your conversion rate. The conversion rate will be even greater if you have a Shopping space linked to your Instagram account.

Which software to create an Instagram AR filter: How?

You can create your own Instagram filter by following different tutorials available on Youtube.
The basics needed to be able to create Instagram filters are as follows:

  • 2D design on Photoshop and Illustrator
  • 3D design on Blender or Cinema 4D
  • Interaction using Spark AR patch programming
  • Javascript code for complex interactions and animations

Filter Experience has a team of Instagram filter designers skilled in all of these areas.
You can request a quote and a quick price estimate for free.

Your own Instagram AR Filter :
How much?

The price of an Instagram filter will depend on its complexity.
An Instagram filter made up of text only will be relatively inexpensive, while a filter that combines different images and animations will be a bit more expensive. The most expensive filters are those that will require 3D modeling of a product and/or a lot of interactions and animations.

How to promote an Instagram AR filter : Promotion?

To promote and spread your Instagram filter, there are different options available to you. The best option is to use influencers who are consistent with your image. They will use and share the filter to all their followers. Another option, which can be combined with the first, is to boost a story that talks about the filter or uses it directly. Also, once the filter is published on your profile, it will unlock a Swipe-Up specifically designed for Instagram filters. This will allow the filter to be launched with a Swipe-Up directly. Otherwise, each of the stories saved with your filter will show a link to that filter. This link can be found in the top left of the shared story.

How to find Instagram AR filters:
Where to find them?

To search for an Instagram filter, when you are in story mode, you have filter suggestions at the bottom. Scroll to the right by going to the last filter suggestion on the far right. This will show you a magnifying glass, by pressing it you can search for an Instagram filter with keywords.

Where to find an Instagram filter: How to access it?

  1. On your Instagram profile, filter tab (3 small stars)
  2. With the filter search by keyword
  3. Via a link or a QR code that you can share
  4. Via a stickers link that you can add to your stories
  5. On each shared story, a link to the filter will appear in the top left corner
  6. On a story using your filter, a link to the filter will appear at the bottom

Instagram AR filters: 
The different types of Instagram AR filters


Face Tracker

Instagram face filters or Face Tracker on Instagram are the favorite filters for brands. Indeed, they are the most effective when it comes to attracting a new audience quickly. Different approaches are possible but most often, these filters promote a message or a product via a little game, a riddle, a catchphrase or decorations applied to the face.
Examples: soccer team makeup, live glasses fitting, lipstick or makeup fitting, daily advice, ...

An idea?

Product Preview

With augmented reality we can visualize products in real size in live. This technique is increasingly used on online stores and is democratizing at high speed. You too can now offer this service of visualization in augmented reality to your audience through an Instagram filter! We also offer this service without using social networks by opening the experience on a web page via a QR code or a link.

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Image Tracker

The image tracker, or Image Tracker, or Target Tracker, consists in bringing an image to life. You just have to scan an image to see different elements appear around it. For example, you can replace the image with a video. You can also augment the image with decorations that come to life around the tracked image. This technique is used a lot with packaging and labels. Indeed you can turn a label into an augmented reality with an Instagram filter!

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Portail 360

The 360 portals or AR Portal allow us to immerse ourselves in a completely different room. This technique was once reserved for VR studios to make photos and videos 360 is now available through an Instagram filter. This allows to include the dimension of sharing on social networks to the project. Indeed, once inside the room it is also possible to take a selfie inside it and then share the photo on social networks in Instagram story. This room can be an art gallery, a 360 picture of a landscape, a virtual store, ...

An idea?

Game Filter

For even more engagement and super fun, AR mini-games in Instagram filters are perfect. Want to renew and refresh your brand image? Launch a contest and engage a whole new audience! These mini-games can also implicitly promote your new product or service. Your audience launches the filter, plays, shares the score by tagging you and you'll see the list of participants and their scores in your private messages on Instagram! Easy to draw a winner!

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