Instagram filter creation agency in Paris

Filter Experience is an agency that consults, designs and creates custom Instagram, Facebook, Snap and TikTok filters for brands.

Filter creation agency in Paris

Filter creation agency in Paris

Filter Experience is a social media oriented agency that creates Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and TikTok filters for various brands and projects.

Publication on the brand's Instagram account
  • Listening and suggesting ideas
  • Instant price estimate
  • Creation of the filter in 1 to 2 weeks
  • Publication on the brand's Instagram account

Instagram filters, for whom?

First of all, making Instagram filters is not just for the digital sector. In fact, every business can consider creating and publishing a filter on their Instagram account. In fact, publishing Instagram filters is beneficial on different levels.

Have your own Instagram filter, why?

First of all it allows you to engage your community of followers on social networks. With a filter, you attract more visitors to your profile.

Secondly, you develop your digital notoriety. You will stand out from your competitors by using the latest marketing technologies.

Thirdly, you will increase your sales, if there are sales. Indeed, with an Instagram filter you will increase the rate of purchase conversions considerably because it will bring important traffic to your page. Then users will visit your website more. Note that it is now possible to sell items directly through Instagram.

What type of filter?

Nevertheless, the question might arise of, what kind of filters could I post on my Instagram account? You'll have to be resourceful here to have an effective, fun and popular filter that will attract maximum audience to your Instagram profile. Every brand or project can have its innovative filter. We'll brainstorm an idea that fits your audience.

First of all, let's take as an example a company that has a character or a mascot in its effigy. It will be very fun for the audience to play with this character through a filter on social networks. For example, imagine that your face is replaced by the mascot's and that it replicates the same expressions as you! It can smile, be sad, be surprised, laugh, wink, just like you.

Another example would be a company in the cultural or art exhibition sector. A virtual showroom is then possible via an Instagram filter! Indeed, we are approaching here the world of virtual reality. In fact, when opening the filter we can imagine a door in front of the user inviting him to enter this portal. It is in fact an AR portal which, via augmented reality, takes us into virtual reality. Once through this virtual door, the user will see himself inside a completely virtual showroom.

Creation of filters for communication agencies

If you are a communication agency and you want to offer this service to your customers, please contact us by mail and specify it, we have special price offers for this type of agencies. We are also committed to deliver the filter as soon as possible. In general we finish most of our projects within a week. It then takes between 1 and 10 days maximum for the validation time by Instagram. We are also extremely responsive by email for any technical questions. This way, you don't have to interrupt the discussion and negotiations with your client.

Filter Experience, At your service!

There is an infinite number of solutions to promote a project, an artist, a brand, through an Instagram filter. We will be happy to analyze your case with you and we will think together about the solution that will best fit your image!

Filtre Experience is based in Paris but also serves all different countries in English.


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