How much does Web AR cost?

Everything you need to know about the cost of an AR web experience. From creation to publication, including maintenance and statistics. How much does an AR filter on a web page cost?

What are the pricing for Web AR ?

What is the pricing for the Augmented Reality on the Web ?

The entry price for an Web AR experience is $5,000 USD. 

This unique package includes creation, development, publication, hosting, statistics and maintenance.

We guarantee you the very best in augmented reality web technology, with no monthly set-up fees. In fact, as an official Snapchat partner, we have access to Snap’s Camera Kit technology, which enables us to export an AR experience to the web using the most advanced technologies available on the market, across all AR platforms. From Virtual Try-On to AR Mirror and API calls, we’ve got it all!


A simple Web AR with a product visualization or product configurator will cosy around $5,000 USD.


A complex Web AR (e.g. mini-games) requires more logic and development time. Typically, a AR custom-designed mini-game filter on the web costs around $9,000 USD.


A discount can be applied if several filters are ordered at the same time.


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Augmented Reality on the Web

In terms of possibilities, everything that’s possible on Snapchat is now possible on a web page. These include

– Turn your face into an animated 3D mascot

– Try on various beauty and make-up products

– Try on a pair of shoes in AR or a watch

– Try on clothes with 3D body tracking

– View and explore a product animated in AR

– Mini games in augmented reality

– Scan and enhance a poster or album cover

An idea?

How long does it take to create an AR filter on the web?

An AR filter on the web takes longer than an AR filter on social networks. More time is needed for debugging and testing on different smartphone models.

On average, you’ll need between 3 and 4 weeks for an AR filter on the web.

If 3D elements need to be modeled for the web AR filter, this is possible. The quote will be adjusted slightly accordingly, but the delivery time will remain similar, as the 3D modeling will be carried out in parallel with the development of the filter code.

What is the impact of a Web AR filter?

The performance statistics of a Web AR filter will depend on the promotion strategy chosen by the brand. As with social networks, the filter’s impact will be linked to investment in the advertising campaign.

Unlike filters on social networks, AR filters are generally opened from a QR code. For example, the QR code can be displayed on the street or in a store to enhance an event.

The AR filter is perfect when you don’t want to limit yourself to users of a specific social network. As the filter opens on a web page, it can be accessed by anyone, regardless of smartphone model. No application needs to be installed on the phone.

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