How much does a TikTok filter cost?

All about the prices of a TikTok filter. From creation to publication.

What is the price of a TikTok filter?

The entry price for a TikTok filter is 1000€ HT. It is a unique price grouping the creation, the publication and the statistics. No additional costs are added during the project. The filter is guaranteed online for life! Indeed, even maintenance updates are included in this single price.

A quiz-like TikTok filter is the well-known TikTok effect where we have to tilt our head from left to right to choose an image or an answer. Depending on the complexity of the animations, the price of the quiz filter is around 2000€ HT

A random response type TikTok filter is the quintessential TikTok gaming filter where we are assigned a random result. Again, the price will depend on the complexity of the animations and the number of interactions to code, but the price of a random TikTok effect is around 2000€ HT .

Random response

1000 € excluding tax

guaranteed online for life

Quiz filter

2000 € excluding tax

guaranteed online for life

Custom filter

3000 € excluding tax

guaranteed online for life

What are the creation times for a TikTok filter?

The deadlines for creating a TikTok filter are more or less two weeks. We provide very fast follow-up and exchanges so that our customers can publish the filter as soon as possible.

TikTok filters, also called TikTok effects, are created from Effect House software. This one is very recent and still few features are present compared to Spark AR (Instagram) and Lens Studio (Snapchat). However, the dev teams are very active and many updates are emerging with new features. As Spark AR, Lens Studio and Effect House approved developers, we obviously stay informed of the latest features available for each update.

What is the buzz impact of a TikTok filter?

The statistics of a TikTok filter are impressive compared to those of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat…
Indeed, TikTok is well known for its super powerful algorithm. You don’t even have to do any advertising or specific communication around the filter. In fact, the algorithm will automatically offer the filter to certain people, and a buzz effect can very quickly emerge. As an example, here are our stats on the Blink Challenge game filter we created a few months ago. No publicity was made to reach these impressive figures…

Random response

The random roulette filter is a classic on all social networks. Just about any concept can be published in this form. Which perfume is made for you? How old are you? Which actor/actress is for you? etc

The random roulette draw can be made of images or text. We can also add various elements to enrich the filter. These additional elements can be images, 3D, gifs, etc.

€1000 excl. tax €2000

TikTok filter price: Call products or custom filter

Loss leader : the price of the TikTok random response filter is €1000 excl.
The random roulette filter is the most popular gaming filter. If the concept is well chosen, the filter can quickly go into buzz. Indeed often a very simple filter, well done and with a good artistic direction makes the difference.
The random roulette filter is our loss leader to introduce you to the world of TikTok filters.
We offer you this simple filter at 1000€, adjustable if you want to add more elements, animations or interactions.

Custom or personalized filters, are custom-designed filters based on a concept or an element of your promotional campaign (recurring graphic elements, poster, concept, etc.).
The quote for a personalized filter is provided to you the same day, after having identified your needs, by email or telephone.
As a reminder, you can send us your request at this address, we will answer you within the hour!

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