Creating TikTok filters for your brand!
How to create a TikTok filter?

The success of TikTok is no longer to present. Find out how to reach the massive and growing TikTok community with AR filters for TikTok.

TikTok filter, to conquer the content that will make the buzz.

TikTok is getting more and more popular so much that TikTok now gets more web traffic than Google! TikTok officially dethrones the giant Google.
The concept of TikTok is a general video feed, much like a Facebook newsfeed but with no text, no photos, just videos. Their concept of video feed changed the way we consume content. Indeed, Instagram has taken a lot of inspiration from it with continuous video scrolling, called “reels” on Instagram and “ForYou” on TikTok. Youtube also tends towards this kind of presentation of content.

If your video linked to the Tiktok filter ends up in this video feed, it’s guaranteed buzz and you’ll see the likes and views easily go up to around 50,000 in a week! This video feed is also called #foryou or #pourtoi.

TikTok is very popular among young people but not only!
TikTok has 19 million daily users in France.
47% of users are between 13 and 29 years old and more than 40% are 30 years old!

We are talking about it?

Creating TikTok Filters: Explained

TikTok filters, also called TikTok Effects (not to be confused with effects to add to TikTok video editing) are augmented reality experiences. Indeed, just like Snapchat and Instagram, TikTok is launching its own augmented reality filter system.
When doing a search on TikTok, for example “holidays” the first results will be TikTok filters or effects. Then will come the more classic search results such as a profile name including the search word.
An augmented reality filter can for example be an effect that will deform our face, color it, embellish it, reveal a logo, a tattoo, or even a mini game.

Having your own TikTok filter: Why?

Why have your own filter as a brand ?
TikTok filters can be used as a very powerful new communication tool.
Indeed, the filters have already proven themselves on the side of Instagram and Snapchat and their success is no longer to be proven. Demands have exploded in 2021. It was the playground of luxury brands in the beginning, but today most brands wishing to communicate on social networks have their own Instagram filters. TikTok filters are therefore the logical next step. Moreover, TikTok is a very attractive social network for brands because the reach of users is huge and global.

Can you create a TikTok effect yourself: How ?

To create a TikTok filter or effect, you will need to go through the Effect House software.
Effect House is the new software created by TikTok, you can download it here .
The software draws heavily from Meta Spark Studio and Lens Studio, which are the equivalent filter creation software for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat platforms.
This software requires experience in 3D, 2D design, module programming and classic programming. The process is often the same, it will mainly be the assets that will be different.
First you will have to take care of the preparation of the assets outside the software, for example on Photoshop for 2D elements or on Blender for 3D elements.
Second, we optimize the assets in order to import them into the filter creation software.
Finally, we create the necessary interactions inside the Effect House software.

How much does it cost to create a TikTok filter: How much?

The price of a filter will always depend on its complexity. The complexity of a filter will essentially depend on the number of elements that will be included in the filter. A filter requiring a lot of interactions and animations with different 3D objects will obviously be more expensive than a makeup filter on TikTok.

Bastien, TikTok filter creator, contact me!

My name is Bastien Saroléa, I am a filter creator on social networks including TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. My team and I are experts in the fields of augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D. We create filters for TikTok on Effect House for our clients.
The created filter will then be publicly visible on your profile. You pay for the creation service only once, no online subscription is necessary.

TikTok Filter Creation: Face Filter

Face filters or face filters on TikTok are undoubtedly the most popular. The best known are the beautifying filters. In fact, through a filter we can apply different beauty effects such as a face smoother, makeup, or even resize the mouth, eyes or nose.
These types of filters can of course be used to launch a challenge on TikTok. Several face filters have already had great success on TikTok.

An idea?

TikTok Filter Creation: View a product

Augmented reality filters can also be used to present a new product in full size (or reduced size). This method will allow you to introduce your products in an interactive way to your audience. We can therefore imagine different buttons or interaction points located on a 3D product. When the button is clicked, information relating to the product and the location of the button will appear.

We accompany you from A to Z in the creation of filters for product visualization, from the 3D creation of the product to the publication of the filter on your profile!

An idea?

TikTok Filter Creation: Image Tracker

The image tracker or image tracker is widely used on packaging. Indeed, this is a simple and intuitive way to add a layer of augmented reality to your product. We can for example imagine a mascot that comes to life, comes out of the packaging and in front of us after we have scanned the packaging.
An infinity of artistic direction is possible in TikTok filter for an Image Tracker, do not hesitate to ask us about prices or feasibility if you have an idea!

An idea?

TikTok filter creation: 360 Portal

The AR portal or Portal 360 is a great way to take your audience on a journey through a TikTok filter. Indeed, thanks to the Augmented Reality Portal, you can teleport your audience to a new world. This new world can be a new space to present, a new store, a pop-up store or any other immovable concept!
We are listening and we can create different 360 materials such as 360 photo, 360 video, 3D decor, video game, virtual store etc!

An idea?

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