Luxury brand and augmented reality – Instagram filters

The origin of the filters

Luxury brands were the first to realize the huge impact that an Instagram filter created for a brand’s image could have. Indeed, filters on social networks have been growing in popularity for a few years. In the beginning, filters allowed us to embellish our photos by changing the colors. Then they modified the shape of our faces for a playful effect. Now they are real communication tools in their own right. Indeed, filters are now used by the biggest brands to promote their products or services.

Luxury brands and Instagram filters

The big brands quickly realized that the use of filters on social networks could bring them a considerable growing audience. In fact, since filters are not perceived as advertising by users, they allow them to promote and/or convey a message in a fun, interactive and innovative way.

The first branded filters allowed us, for example, to tattoo the brand’s logo on our face. This approach is of course no longer recommended, and we must now be creative and imaginative in order to innovate in this area. Let’s explore some innovative concepts.

Luxury brand and augmented reality: Unboxing

A large community of designers and developers start creating Instagram filters. All kinds of conceptual filters are appearing. Brands quickly spotted those that could be useful. Let’s take the example of a product unboxing. Unboxings of new products are very popular on Youtube. Today, with filters, it is now possible to virtually unbox a product in front of you! Indeed, thanks to augmented reality it is possible to make a shoe box, an iPhone, a game console or any other product appear in front of you. Then we can see the product come out of its box virtually, as if it was really in front of us, and of real size.

Luxury brand augmented reality: AR Portal

Another type of conceptual filter that is beneficial for a brand is the AR Portal filter. Again thanks to augmented reality, this one will allow us this time to make a door appear in front of us. If we move forward and go through this door, then another universe is offered to us. Indeed, we can make appear what we want behind this door and the user is then transported in a virtual world. This technique is significantly related to the world of virtual reality.

This type of filter can be used to present new works inside a virtual gallery for example. A clothing brand can also use this kind of filter to promote a new collection. In fact, when we go through the door we would find ourselves in a virtual store decorated with the image of the brand. This store would show us the clothes of the new collection in 3D.

Branded filter: immersion in an advertising film

Another useful Instagram filter concept for brands is total immersion. Rather than having a few elements appear around the user’s face, the face of a 3D actor or character is replaced with the user’s face!

It is possible to extract the texture of the user’s face thanks to augmented reality. Once extracted, and after several calculations of position, it will be possible to replace the face of an actor on a video by that of the user. This technique is also applicable for a 3D animation. Using this concept of filter allows to break the static side of classical filters. Indeed, most filters are built around the user’s face, which is generally not very mobile.

Luxury brand augmented reality, a bright future

These examples are just an introduction to a wave of new experiences aimed at promoting new products in a digital and interactive way. Soon, with the arrival of augmented reality glasses, we will see even more spectacular experiences! The future holds many surprises.

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