Spark ARにInstagramのフィルターメーカーが登場

An Instagram filter designer is a 2D and 3D designer who knows how to master Spark AR. In addition to being a designer he must master Javascript code as well as module-based programming. This is required to be able to create interactive Instagram filters rich in animations and interactions. _________________________________ I’m Bastien, Spark AR creator of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat filters. I’m a Javascript developer and 2D / 3D artist. I develop your animations, interactions and custom designs for a fully customizable filter that will reflect the image of your brand or your project. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a quick estimate of price and time! ________________________________ First […]

ブランドInstagranフィルター - 完全ガイド

Instagram filters using augmented reality for branding. Augmented reality is becoming more and more present in our lives. As a reminder, it differs from virtual reality by making different elements appear around us via the camera of our smartphone. Users of augmented reality have almost doubled in the last three years. Creating its branded Instagram filter in augmented reality plays on these figures. The media talks about Augmented Reality Global augmented reality revenues will grow from $1.96 million to $27.4 million by 2023. Source: AR InsiderSource: AR Insider Purchase conversion from augmented reality is up over 90% for engaged experience consumers. Source: Retail Customer ExperienceSource: Retail Customer Experience 64% of marketing agencies are […]


The origin of the filters Luxury brands were the first to realize the huge impact that an Instagram filter created for a brand’s image could have. Indeed, filters on social networks have been growing in popularity for a few years. In the beginning, filters allowed us to embellish our photos by changing the colors. Then they modified the shape of our faces for a playful effect. Now they are real communication tools in their own right. Indeed, filters are now used by the biggest brands to promote their products or services. Luxury brands and Instagram filters The big brands quickly realized that the use of filters on social networks could […]


The origin of beauty filters on Instagram Instagram filters were initially popular for their beauty effects. Indeed, it is possible to smooth the face with an Instagram filter. It is also possible to apply different makeup on the faces through the Instagram filter. For example, one can see themselves applying mascara, foundation, lipstick or any other form of makeup. The evolution of Instagram filters, for brands Instagram filters were then available to publish for business accounts and so Instagram filters for brands appeared. The major beauty brands and cosmetic brands have directly grabbed it. Let’s mention L’Oreal Paris or Gucci which offers different filters for live fitting and especially for lipstick fitting […]