How much does an Snapchat filter cost?

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What is the price of an Snapchat filter?

What is the price of an Snapchat filter?

The entry price for an Snapchat filter is $1,000 USD. 
You pay once. The pricing includes the creation, the development, the publishing, the statistics and the maintenance. The filter is lifetime online guaranteed so no additional fees are added along the way!


A simple Snapchat filter is often a decorative filter or a quiz. It can also be a Lens with simple decorations and animations.
Included in this category are quiz filters, random answers, decoration filters with a logo and a slogan, or any other filter with some simple animations.
The entry price for a simple Instagram filter is $1,000 USD.

A complex Snapchat filter is made of several animations and interactions. It can imply a mini-game logic where user has to move head to catch objects and increase score for example. Often the complex filters includes 3D modeling, multiple animations and multiple interactions to code in Lens Studio.

This includes classic mini-games or any other filter with various user interactions.
The entry price of a complex Instagram filter is $2,000 USD.


A premium Snapchat filter is an Lens created with a brand new logic. This includes complex functionality such as a custom-developed game mechanic or a new unique augmented reality experience. Due to their innovation, these premium filters will often be featured on media such as podcasts, press, blog articles or influencers.

The price of a premium filter generally ranges from 5K to 15K.

A discount can be applied if several filters are ordered at the same time.

The price of TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads filters are roughly the same.

Simple Filter


guaranteed online for life

Complex Filter


guaranteed online for life

Premium Filter


guaranteed online for life

Random response

Face filters are one of the most popular features of Snapchat. One of the most fun and engaging types of face filters is the random or surprise roulette. This filter shows different options above the user’s face and randomly selects one after a few seconds. The options can be anything from food, characters, quotes, and more. It’s a great way to discover new things and express yourself.


To make the filter even more attractive and memorable, we can add 2D or 3D elements that match the theme and the brand. Whether you have a product, a service, or a project, we can create a custom filter that showcases your unique identity and vision. Don’t wait any longer, this is the perfect opportunity. As experts in filter creation, we have the skills and the creativity to make your ideas come true.

800€ excl. tax 1000€

How much the publishing cost on Snapchat?

The publishing process is free of charge. You don’t have to pay anything to post your Snapchat filter.
You can make your Snapchat filter by yourself using the Lens Studio for free then publish it for free as well. 

Most of times brands and agencies hires creators like us to create the filters or the Snapchat Lens. In addition to the creation we take care of everything for you including the creation, the code, the publishing, the statistics and the maintenance. Check-out our pricing above for more details.

How mush does a geofilter cost on Snapchat?

With geofilter on Snapchat you can place anything anywhere virtually for all the Snapchat users. So when they’re at a specific place, tehy could see you AR experience. 

Snapchat charges between $5 and $20 per day to have you geofilter live.
So you have to be carefull selecting days that are relevant for you. For example during an event, a concert, a festival or other. 

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