Makeup filters for cosmetic brands

The origin of beauty filters on Instagram

Instagram filters were initially popular for their beauty effects. Indeed, it is possible to smooth the face with an Instagram filter. It is also possible to apply different makeup on the faces through the Instagram filter. For example, one can see themselves applying mascara, foundation, lipstick or any other form of makeup.

The evolution of Instagram filters, for brands

Instagram filters were then available to publish for business accounts and so Instagram filters for brands appeared. The major beauty brands and cosmetic brands have directly grabbed it. Let’s mention L’Oreal Paris or Gucci which offers different filters for live fitting and especially for lipstick fitting in augmented reality.

Shopping Instagram accounts

Hoe does shopping on Instagram work?

With the arrival of the shopping function on Instagram, brands now have the opportunity to set up an entire online sales system. Indeed the shopping function on Instagram is a facet of Instagram among Reels, IGTV, Instagram posts and story. This shopping function will allow you to display all your products in a very elegant way and completely integrated with the Instagram app.

Once you’ve added all your photos, descriptions and prices, you’ll need to link the buy button with the buy button on your website. This way when a user clicks on one of your products to buy it on Instagram, a pop up taking up the entire screen size will pop up and display the final purchase page of your branded product on your site. This way the user buys on your site but via the Instagram platform.

The perfect combination with Instagram shopping accounts

What is interesting in the accuracy of an Instagram Shopping account is of course the real time product fitting!

No more need to go to a store and try a lipstick praying that it is the right color because it is difficult to try several … It is now a thing of the past thanks to Instagram filters in augmented reality that allows you to virtually try the products of beauty brand! Indeed by going to an account of a brand of makeup or cosmetics, go to the filter tab, you can then try each of the makeup products! Then you can order them via the shopping tab, all while remaining from A to Z on the Instagram platform!

How to have an Instagram beauty filter?

Your agency Filtre Experience offers a complete solution for the creation of custom Instagram filters for your beauty brand. We can consider having different filters depending on the products. For example, a lipstick filter would allow you to try all the lipstick colors available from your brand. Another one could allow you to try pencils or eye contours, another one foundation, etc.

How much does an Instagram beauty filter cost?

A fitting filter for a make-up range for a brand can oscillate between 1000€ht and 3000€ht depending on the complexity and the number of different colors proposed by the cosmetic brand.

Check out more in details how much an Instagram filter cost here.

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